Letter from James Broughton to Robert Haller (4/21/1973)

Apr 21, 1973
Dear Bob Haller,
my extreme thanks for sending me all the photos, and my urgent apologies for being so slow in replying with the gratitude & praise you deserve. Family, holiday, and academic pressures have all been heavy on me.
First, let me say how much I appreciate your gift of the prints of your picture of me. And in the same category I want to express my pleasure in the picture of me, profile, with pen, speaking to the wee lady, which I presume you snapped on my final evening of the seminar. I like that vision of myself very much. So much that I am wondering whether you might be able to crop it and make a mini portrait of me 'in action'. I think it would be very usable perhaps for some promotion.
The stills of DREAMWOOD are very nice. Would there be any chance of getting a little more contrast into the image of the 'heroine' superimposed on the forest? I would very much like to have you print me some copies of the scenes from this film, and pay you properly for them, since I am in need of stills badly. How do you want to go about this? Should I return to you the contact sheets marked?
How well do you think these will reproduce? Is the definition markedly better on 5x7 prints? Have you experimented in printing any of the other scenes from DREAMWOOD? I much admire the photo from the final image of the film; it is very strong. Could you print me some copies of this?
If you have the time & the enthusiasm, I would be very happy to see more prints of the most contrasting (& mysterious) scenes. It makes me cheered to have, also, the snaps of
my visit there, which was so enjoyable an experience.
I hope all goes well with you, in every way.
Yours, very cordially, with best wishes,
James Broughton
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