Letter from James Broughton to Roger (7/7/1977)

James Broughton
Roger amigo mio,
the Androgyny class was a great smash. Maybe. I am having some small effect in changing the society of the Western World...? We did Tantric exercises, gender fuck, past life recall, erogeny, transvestitis, and I even lectured and showed slides. It was my first go. In the autumn I am introducing a new 'department' at the Art Institute: Soul-making. I will teach Beginning Soul-Making. Subtitled The Androgyne in Art and Life.
Joel & I are working on a new long film. You haven't seen the last one: WINDOWMOBILE. Well, we are coming east in November for a joint Cineprobe at MOMA: the date is Nov 28. We will also have separate shows at Milennium. Joel wrote to Pittsburgh Filmmakers asking for a show the 1st weekend of December. But no reply.
We would love to come to Pgh and have a visit.
I've asked Bill Judson too. See what you can do.
I hear Sally is back in Pgh. I will miss seeing her in Colorado, where I am going next week for a show.
Joel and I will be in Montreal Aug 19-27. Couldnt you & Ondine be there, or somewhere near?
I was so sorry to miss the party at Ed Burns' the end of April. Why dont we have another one at the end of November?
Just saw your piece in latest Film Culture (illustrated on the cover). Where did I read it before? You are right: it was a joint suicide. Those two remarkable people.
How is Susan's magazine progressing? Joel is eager to read about himself. Robt Lipman is writing a piece about me too.
Love to you, love to all you dear ones, kisses for 0. hugs in all directions.
P. S.
My ANDROGYNE JOURNAL book will be published in Sept.
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