Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (10/1/1973)

October 1, 1973
dearest Sally of them all,
First of all, items for your very useful/informative Travel Sheet Calendar.
January 9 and 10 I shall be at Iowa State University.
January 24 through January 31 I will have my 60th birthday tribute RETROSPECTIVE at the Museum of Modern Art.
Prior to this, in November, will be my show at the S.F.Museum, on Nov 16.
Also at the Pacific Film Archive on Nov 25.
Bob Haller wrote me about doing another seminar at the Workshop and I told him that I would prefer to make it a real working situation with some experimental filming, so that perhaps I could get to know some potential co-workers in action. I really think this would be the most interesting & useful thing to do. My free week in early spring is March 10-16.
I could, however, arrange to come at the end of the week preceding, should there be any good chance of public showings in Pittsburgh or environs. It would be nice to pick up some extra money in your region if there is such a likelihood. Even during the week of having a workshop. In any event, I am reserving that time for Pittsburgh, whatever form a workshop might take. So I hope something will materialize. What might be cooking?
In the workshop situation I would work very simply and directly (hoping there would be people there to work with) and shoot scenes and sequences concentrating on the Human Image. I'll be curious to know your response.
I have had bad bouts of illness lately, very difficult at the beginning of fall teaching, but I seem to be over the worst.
Hopefully looking forward to these nice Tributes. Isn't it pleasant that MOMA is going to canonize me? I hope all is flourishing with you, and that your heart sings. Much love,
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