Letter from Sally Dixon to George Kuchar (5/16/1972)

May 16, 1972
George Kuchar
591 Vermont Street
Gan Francisco, California 94107
Dear George:
How good to hear from you. I'm glad you're well and really knowing the beauties and wonder of California weather. I can still close ray eyes and float out on the soft air that I remember. I mean it's still so deep and vivid a memory that I can feel it, and smell it.
Bob Nelson told us as much about you as he could.- The new films that you mention. George even the title ”The Sunshine Sisters” gives me the feeling that you have been able to zero in on California with the same clarity and totality with which you viewed and filmed Brooklyn. I'm guessing I know but I sense it is so, and this is the question we all had simply because Brooklyn was your Horae and you did it so well. "Would a lifetime Brooklyn boy film maker be able to transplant and make real (reel) California films?” or would they be Brooklyn-Califomia films? I think they will be neither, they will be George Kuchar-California films - yes? Anyway I am really looking forward to seeing the finished film.
Glad you got to see Brakhages film but for goodness sake don't fail to see the other two in the trilogy - "Deus Ex” (hospitals - open heart surgery) and "The Act of Seeing With Ones Own Eyes” (autopsies) filmes at the County Morgue - very heavy trip. The three comprising not only a city document but a progressively direct and personal confrontation with death.
I am hoping to be in San Francisco at some point this sunnier and was really looking forward to seeing you, so I'm sorry to hear you'll be in New York -Ah well!
Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you. I saw you in two films at the Yale Film Festival! Good surprise and great fun. Nelson sayAsyou're great in your teaching. I'm glad.
Take care of yourself George and write when you can.
Sally F. Dixon (Ms.)
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