Letter from Sally Dixon to Joyce Wieland (12/9/1971)

December 9» 1971
Joyce Weilan c/o The Isaaes Gallery 832 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dear Joyce:
Such good fortune (and not a little circumstance!) to reach you and Michael with one call. I'm happy the idea appeals to you. The dates we have open are March 2,17, 8, or 12. Take your choice and let me know as soon as you can.
I can't remember at this point quite what I told you on the phone so will cover the field generally now. First, we will happily pay you $500.00 to come with your films. You will be responsible for your transportation and room. You would be most welcome to stay at my house if my children are not home at that time for spring vacation - I'm not sure of these dates. If you will be coming from New York City the same flight information that I gave Michael would apply - TWA flight 115 leaving New York at 10:20 and arriving in Pittsburgh at 11:30. There will be a press conference at 1:30, with a critic from each of the daily papers who refuse to write about film makers whose work they haven't seen, so you might be thinking which film you would like to show them.
I would like to request, at Hollis' suggestion, that you bring the following films: La-Raison Avant La Passion, Rat Life and Diet in North America and Catfood - unless however you have other ideas it is your show. I'll need stills from the films and of you as well as biographical and program note material.
Also Joyce, if there is anything you would like to film while you're in Pittsburgh for which we would need to make arrangements let me know and I'll do what I can. Will you please give this offer to Michael for me too.
lb you both, a fine Christmas - twice wished now!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Film Coordinator
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