Lecture by Visiting Filmmakers Jon Rubin and Chick Strand (01/17/1978, 02/14/1978)

Archivist's Notes

"Jon Rubin Lecture, 01/17/1978 (00:00 – 27:49 min.) Visiting filmmaker Jon Rubin will be present to screen and discuss his work. Most films are limited to the results provided by commercially available film stocks and laboratory processing, an aesthetic controlled by economic interests. Rubin has been exploring the expressive possibilities of alternate chemical procedures. His films - sometimes with camera image, sometimes ""abstract"" - have a rich organic quality which reflects his concerns.
Chick Strand Lecture, 02/14/1978 (27:50– 64:27 min.) Visiting filmmaker Chick Strand will be present to screen and discuss a retrospective of her films. Working primarily in Mexico and Southern California for the past ten years, Strand has been making films of compelling beauty which center on people she has come to know - herself as well as others. These important films range from anthropological documentaries to darkly evocative cine-poems.

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