Lectures by Visiting Filmmakers Wim Wenders, Kurt Kren, and Laura Mulvey (04/05/1978, 04/18/1978, 04/25/1978)

Archivist's Notes

fv001/002/084/A Wim Wenders Lecture Part I (54:00 min.)
fv001/002/084/B Wim Wenders Lecture Part II (32:41 min.)
fv001/002/084/C Kurt Kren Lecture, 04/18/1978 (00:00-26:42 min.) and Laura Mulvey Lecture Part I, 04/25/1978 (26:43 – 55:26 min.). Kurt Kren lecture cuts off abruptly and the Laura Mulvey lectures starts abruptly.
fv001/002/084/D Laura Mulvey Lecture Part II, 04/25/1978 (30:09 min.) Recording starts abruptly.

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