Letter from Bill Judson to Stan Brakhage (6/30/1977)

Stan Brakhage Box 170 Rollinsville, Colorado 804-74-
June 30, 1977
Dear Stan —
A very hasty note to confirm the arrangements set up through Haller: at the Museum on Thursday, October 20, and at PFMI on the 21, 22. The Film Section’s standard honorarium is $500. There is no additional travel money, but our honorarium is in addition to whatever PFMI is paying, and of course we would be most pleased to put you up here — with Bay & me or wherever you might wish (that is, within limits of reason??)
Hope you have received order for Cats Cradle & Songs, and that we have the prices right. Great anticipation there.
Must dash — trying to clean up odds & ends before visit to hospital to strip some veins — hope I can keep the doctors & nurses amused with my sodium pentathol speil.
Best to you both, and say hello to Sally for me when you see her.
Bill Judson
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