Letter from James Broughton to Sally Dixon (9/26/1972)

September 26, 1972
James Broughton P.0. Box 183
Mill Valley, California 94941 Dear James:
It’s a fine idea to do the film in Pittsburgh out of the workshop, whats more I’ve been talking around and a number of people are already interested in participating as students or offering their services (if there’s money, so much better). For instance, Ondine, one of Andy Warholss stars (The Pope in Chelsea Girls, Loves of Ondine, etc. - was great friend of Menken-Maas).
Lives here now (because much is happening here!) basically an actor and would love to be in it - and many others with talent and skills - I do think it would work. You may allow yourself to think about it a little bit.
Summer ought to be good, kids and others might be freer to work on such a project. I think you need to apply for a grant as well anyway, it’s going to take a lot of $. By all means you should come in spring to discuss with people and crystallize, so you can go into action when ready. I’d love to be in it too if you need me - what fun it will be.
Send more concrete thoughts and needs when you can consider quietly and thoroughly.
Are you settled in new house, and how goes teaching & family?
Much love to you James.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon
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