Letter from Robert Haller to Bill Judson (6/13/1977)

P. O BOX 7 200, PITTSBURGH , PENNSYLVANIA 15213 41 2 - 68 1 -5449
June 13, 1977
Bill Judson Film Section Museum of Art Carnegie institute
Dear Bill,
Last month we discussed the possibility of the Film Section presenting a program of new works by and with Stan Brakhage in connection with his coming appearance at PFMI.
I anticipate now that Brakhage will be here in mid or late October, for a Friday-Saturday peri od. probably 0ct. 14-15, or 21-22. Either way, Oct. 18, a Tuesday, would probably work out for you, although Thursday the 20th or the 13th could also fit if you want to use that day. How do you feel about these dates?
Stan should have about 20 new 16 mm films ready for screening by October (in fact, I think he has that many now). This is more than enough for three evenings (two here, one at CI).
Sincerely yours,
Robert A. Haller Exec. Director
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