Letter from Carolee Schneemann to Sally Dixon (01/12/1974)

Sally Dear
May I ask you a favor -- which I hope you can pass on to your kind assistent — if he hasn’t gone to New Mexico yet; if there are any (or even one) of the white recipies you printed for ray showing could you send it me; Freude Bartlett wants to make an edition and I have only the colored ones and they won’t print up. Then if any extra flyers, some more of those which have been very useful.
kitch is licking my hands as I type- distracting me from the good wishes I want to send you and hopes that things are well at home and everywhere your love and care touches.
very busy here — and snowed in -- one foot with a two inch ice cover; great peace, hush, winter wonderland at every window (and building up on windows as well!)15 below o
send word when you can,
with love,
12 January 1974
I/ we do indded rejoice. You are wonderful! Taming lions again; another big step for Pittsburgh.

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