Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (9/10/1973)

State University of New York at Buffalo
Sally Dixon 4624 Howe Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206
Dear Sally,
this note is uttered in great haste, to say the least.
All the madness of getting anew program started, on top of the usual madness of beginning a semester.
I hope you continued enjoying your trip as much as you seemed to from your postal card. Yes, like Pound said of Sordello, there is Stonehenge, and then there is "my Stonehenge". As I recall, though, you were not to be in London for the gRRRRRReat [?] film & tape conference.
Me, as you see, I dinna go either. Instead, here I am, watching 400 more or less lovely sets of tits bouncing in the sunshine outside my office window. Square dancing, en masse, on the lawn. It's part of what they call "orientation". The old professor, meantime, gets occidented.
I hear tell you'll have Stan & bro. Sharits simultaneously in a few weeks. Sorry I can’t make the jitney. You'll be seeing me later this Fall, though, I hope. Computers and other things draw me. Auch das ewig Weibliche zieht mich heran, in the person of....oh, well, Goethe wd/ understand, whether Zeller does or not. Plans may elaborate. Maybe I'll try to photograph some embryons or something. This, entirely aside from projected visit around [I shd/ now guess] early February.... and we shd/ firm that up, fairly soon.
Technical inquiry:
In one of the editing rooms at the Workshop, I saw a pair of doohickies, like inverted square metal U's, that made it possible to put one pair of rewinds above another, on the same table. Cd/ you find out, fairly fast, where those were got, and/or who mfgrs them? We're buying gear, need to know. They're a nice idea.
Hoo. Hah. Hee. How. ..the divvil are you? Let me hear. Love.
ANNEX A, ROOM 8 BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14214 TEL. (716)831-4804
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