Letter from Sally Dixon to Cyril Wecht (9/10/1971)

September 10, 1971
Dr. Cyril Wecht Coroners Office 542 4th Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219
Dear Dr. Wecht:
Thank you so very much for your cooperation in arranging for Stan Brakhage to film an autopsy.
He will of course abide by any restrictions or regulations you might deem necessary.
We’ll be pleased to show you the film containing the autopsy sequence when it is completed, if this would interest you*
I’m enclosing some material on Brakhage for your information and also want to tell you that the first two films made in this city seeries, "Eyes" (police) and "Deus Ex” (West Penn Hospital) will be shown on September 19 at 7:30 in the Carnegie Lecture Hall. Mr. Brakhage will be here to introduce and discuss than with the audience.
I shall look forward to meeting you then, if you care to come.
Again, my thanks,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Film Coordinator
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