Letter from Sally Dixon to Nicholas Cauna (11/14/1972)

November 14, 1972
Dr. Nicholas Cauna, M.D.
Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology School of Medicine 864 A Scaife Hall University of Pittsburg Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Dear Dr. Cauna:
I was horrified when the guard told vs he had called you at home to see if we were to be there Saterday night. When we came on Friday there were a number of students so we asked a man in the office if we could come at a less heavily populated time and he told us it was open 24 hours a day. We didn't realize we would need more than to say that we had cleared it with you - I’m so sorry.
At any rate Hollis Frampton now has all the footage he needs and will proceed with the next steps.
He has asked me to thank you for him in addition to my own thanks, and to tell you how very grateful he was for the opportunity to do this filming - it is vital to the over all film, so we are intensly appreciative of your cooperation.
I will of course let you know when there is something more complete to see, and again, many thanks.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Curator, Film Section
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