Program notes by Stan Brakhage for Pittsburgh Film-Makers screening (10/21/1977-10/22/1977)

Short Films 1975: 1-10 This is a series of ten deliberately untitled films, each separated on the reel by several feet of black leader.
37 minutes, color, silent.
Short Films 1976 Four films verging on portraiture, converging to make a drama for all seasons, starring:
Jane Brakhage Bob Benson Omar Beagle Jimmy Ryan Morris as as as and as as The Dreamer The Magnificent Stranger The Snow Plow Man The Poet Doc Holliday!!
20 minutes, color, silent.
Sincerity: Reel Two This continuation of my autobiography is composed of film photographed by many people: Bruce Baillie, Jane Brakhage, Larry Jordan, and Stan Phillips, among others. Most of the footage is drawn from some 20,000 feet of "home movies," "out takes," and the like, salvaged from my photography over the years.
It is of the Brakhage family's coming into being.
It is.composed in the light of those electrical traces we call "memory"; and it is as true to that "thought process" as I was enabled to make it.
This project was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. [The film was completed in 1975, but not released until the fall of 1977.]
37 minutes, color, silent.
Soldiers and Other Cosmic Objects
This screening is supported in part by grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Film-Maker Stan Brakhage
Oct. 21-22, 1977
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