Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (11/28/1970)

dear Dilly Saxon,
obviously it is easier to "communicate"by post than by ’phone. Pardon the tardiness of my photographic mess. Travel, influenza, teaching, even a bit o’ filmmaking.
Ennahoe I hope it got to you in time.
Thass OK about U.S. Steel. So much for Papa Pigiron & all my oedipalls.
Lemon you shall have as mentioned aforetime. Other stuff ad libitum meum (o gawd! is libido perchance feminine?! call for doktor Jung!)
don't noise it aroond and aboot, but you might also get the world premiere of something not too long called
that's right. Lower case with paren/s. A bottomless pit of maudlin sentiment, fossilized cleverness, and asynchrony.
Jacobs sez Stanley Breakage brung his cops film to Binghamton. Sez it is good, puzzling. I don’t doubt. But then — dust on my head — I have trod the earth some several months without yet seeing SB's two Eden movies.
Steelmill footage hypothetically to be the backbone of a vast thing based on the voyage of Magellan. That is some years in the future. Formal hell fire for crossing the Pacific. Now if somebody will just invite the artifex to Patagonia!
Presumably you will be in touch with me about travel arrangements. Sta bene ,
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