Letter from Sally Dixon to James Broughton (4/18/1974)

April 18, 1974
James Broughton 71 Park Drive
San Anselmo, California 94960 My very dear James:
How tenderly I hold you and your darling family in my thoughts. As I told you, my stay with you was special. In what ways I'm not just sure, except that I felt lovely things in your household - wamth, peacefulness, making, sweetness, upward struggle of being - and these seemed to include and be of each person and yet independent (so that if one was temporarily not of those attributes, he/she would be surrounded, held by them - in them). Thank you each one, from the bottom of my heart.
I shall ask Jean about the rent for the film tomorrow, I am sorry it's not to you yet.
I completely agree with your thoughts on the Pittsburgh film - the absolute necessity of doing it properly, which takes time if you're to bring
together the correct elements. I’ll urge Haller to write you as soon as possible. He's doing the work of ten men during this memo (I hope he doesn’t crack) and simply nay not have had an answer yet to his request for extension information.
Oh, this does mean then that I shan't see you this summer? Weep! James dear, how did you like Haller's picture of us? The dance of making. I like it.
After leaving you I had an incredible day with Fritz Lang in Los Angeles, more about it later.
This is mainly to thank you profusely and really for your great arrangements at the Art Institute. I saw so much and felt really encouraged by those several really good film makers - and for your unstinting help in every way towards making my visit fruitful and pleasant.
This brings great love to each dear one.
Your devoted,
Sally F. Dixon
Curator, Film Section
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