Letter from Bill Judson to Roger Jacoby (11/03/1983)

Section of Film and Video 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Telephone: 412 622-3212
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
November 3, 1983
Mr. Roger Jacoby 1810 15th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122
Dear Roger:
Thanks for your note. No need to apologize. As I'm sure you remember, I respected your position to the point of trying to help you articulate it.
I recall those fiery times with fondness. At least the "battle" was waged on important ideological grounds, however much our many personalities may have entered in.
Our budget/schedule for 1984 is still up in the air, but keep us posted on new films/events. Chris Simony has already put you on the Travel Sheet mailing list. The "new" Directory isn't really new. The next stage, when money and equipment permit, will be to keep an up-to-date computer list of independent media organizations which will be available in print-out form at cost. 'til then, the 1979 edition is all we have.
Keep well -- best regards,
Bill Judson
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