Letter from Anthony McCall to Sally Dixon (7/22/1975)

Sally Dixon
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute,
4400 Forbes Avenue,
Pittsburgh, Penn 15213.
Dear Sally,
I confirm that September 6 will be perfect for me, and that we will show 'Line describing a Cone' and ’Four Projected Movements'.
I will bring ’Conical Solid' with me also.
I enclose a small pile of stuff that I hope will be useful to you in preparing publicity material, programme notes etc.
Your idea to reproduce the three-part drawing of 'Line describing a Cone' in progress, from the Knokke catalogue, is very good.
I would suggest that the enclosed four-part drawing (with captions) should be used for 'Four Projected Movements'. I would add the following comment: "The film demonstrates that permutation, within certain precise limits, is a function of the projector. The four movements (each a 15-minute sweep of a plane of light through 90 degrees) result from a single 15-minute reel, passed through the projector in the four possible ways. The projector is positioned in a corner of the room so that a wall and the floor establish the boundary of the space through which the beams will travel."
ANTHONY McCALL 437 Springtown Road New Paltz NY 12561. July 22 1975
ps:'Four Projected Movements' has only been shown once, at the Serpentine Gallery in London. This will be its US premiere.

I look forward to hearing from you.! With love from both of us,
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