Letter from Robert Haller to Bill Judson (7/23/1977)

P. O. BOX 7200, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 15213 41 2 - 68 1 -5449
July 23, 1977
Bill Judson Film Section Museum of Art Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213
Dear Bill,
A few minutes ago I spoke with Stan Brakhage about what he was going to show here at PFMI and during that discussion he said that what he would like to show at Carnegie Institute was:
Both films are dated 1977 and can be obtained from the Film-Makers Coop.
When he is here he will show on the 21st: Short Films 1975: 1-10 and the Tribute to Hy Hirsh; and on the 22nd: Short Films 1976 (1-4) . Soldiers and Other Cosmic Objects (1977), and Sincerity Part II. also 1977.
Sincerely yours,
Robert A. Haller Executive Director
Tragoedia and The Governor
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