Letter from Sally Dixon to Jonas Mekas (2/9/1970)

February 9, 1970
Mr. Jonas Mekas Hotle Chelsea 222 West 23rd Street New York, New York
Dear Jonas:
This is to confirm our conversation of Tuesday, January 27 in New York.
We’re delighted that you will be able to come to Pittsburgh on April 1st. It not only seems appropriate, but an honor and a delight for us that you be the first guest in out Independent Film-Makers series.
Your fee of $200.00 is most satisfactory and utterly generous on your part—We will take care of your transportation between New York and Pittsburgh and of-course your room and meals while you are here. We have a reservation for you for the night of April 1 at the Hotel Webster Hall.
The screening and discussion are scheduled to start in the Carnegie Lecture Hall at 8:30 and the newspapers, TV etc. are wanting a chance at you sanetime before that— and we can’t forget dinner. You had mentioned coming by train, will there be time for all these things?
Let me know when you will arrive— I look forward eagerly to meeting your train and seeing you again!
My best to you Jonas, and my thanks,
Sally F. Dixon Coordinator of Films
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