Letter from Sally Dixon to Peter Kubelka (1/31/1975)

January 31, 1975
Peter Kubelka Oesterreichiaches Filmmuseum Vienna, AUSTRIA
Dear Peter:
It was good seeing you even briefly at Knokke! Thanks so much for your prompt letter.
Peter, when we talked, I had no idea that the cost of your films would be so high, though I knew, due to the nature of your working habits, that they were highter than most. I simply cannot spend that much of this first small gift on two films when our primary need at this point is a representative range of artists. I shall have to achieve that framework goal first, then come back to you when we have a more generous gift - hopefully within the year. In the meantime, we shall of course continue to rent your films.
Thank you for your kind words about our work, I would say the same of you!
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
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