Letter from Bill Judson to Ernie Gehr (04/02/1976)

April 2, 1976
Ernie Gehr
272 DeGraw Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11231
Dear Ernie:
The print of Serene Velocity has arrived, a real cause for celebration!
We screened it immediately!
I was a bit concerned to notice what looked somewhat like a flash frame near the beginning, so I put the film on a vieweandnd found one frame (about 9 feet from the first image) which is washed out in places, as if from water or chemical drops. I hate to five up our print, even for a short while, but I wonder if you would care to see it? That frame bothered me, at least, and I would not want oo cut it out unless that were the solution you would recommend.
What should I do? I hate to cause you any trouble, but certainly the film ought to be the way you want it.
Best regards,
Bill Judson Curator of Film

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