Letter from James Broughton to Bill Judson (7/23/1983)

23 July 83
Dear Bill:
Is there any chance of a show there for Joel and me in either of the last two weeks of October? Presenting our brand new 22 minute major work, Devotions, with assorted short subjects...
We are scheduled to be in Atlanta weekend of Oct 14-16, then in hew York for Millennium Oct 22, and MOMA Cineprobe on Oct 24. Could you or would you present us in the middle there, or after New York?
The NY shows are by way of being tributes to me in my 70th year: the actual birthday is in early November.
Mostly we would be showing our joint work of the last 8 years.
I trust your operation is still active and supported.
Quite a while since we have been in your beautiful theater. Let us know, please.
Sally & Ricardo are here in California for the summer, loving it. I hope you are well, in every way. It would be dandy to see you again.
Yours, affectionately,
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