Letter from Sally Dixon to Edward Sabol of National Football League Films (10/26/1972)

October 26, 1972 Mr. Edward Sabol
c/o National Football League Films
410 Park Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10022
Dear Mr. Sabol:
I wrote you soma time ago at Mr. Kiely’s suggestion requesting permission for independent film artist, Stan Brakhage to shoot a film of the Pittsburg Steelers. "I am enclosing a xerox rather than repeat myself) It seams that we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to contact each other concerning this request. Hence, this letter which I trust will reach you - asking you to consider ray request as soon as you can and to let me know one way or another so that I can proceed on my end.
I apppeciate your cooperation in advance and apoligize for pressing you on this but really need the time.
Thank you.
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
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