Letter from Sally Dixon to Hollis Frampton (2/21/1972)

February 21, 1972
Hollis Frampton River Road - Rd #2 Hamilton, N.Y. 13366
Hollis, dear old one:
The Lorca "squib". I’m repeatedly reminded of B. Baillies sensibilities, especially the new "magician" film he's scripting now. Ask him. if you meet him, about it - rather, he will probably tell you,
HOW did the Elgin interlude fare? Having not heard a word, I alternate between the assumptions that "no news is good news" and it was so disas-terous that all are speechless. Please relieve my anxiety as soon as possible. Has Stan gone on? Back to Chicago or home? I haven't called Jane cause I’m so low on money, budget and personal.
I go to O'Grady’s place (Buffalo) this coming weekend to recover from VanDerBeeks all night do at Strasenburgh Planitarium, (Victor G. wants to do something here and I’m hoping this (Rochester) will be a close enough precedent to sway our wooded headed local guardians of the stars, but I want to be able to speak from having seen with my own eyes. . . . !!
Hollis, I liked your letter to Stan, very much.T.On T.A.O.S.W.O.O.Es. It wasn’t at all what I expected, it was infinitely better, you unfixed the film in time with an open invitation that seems to catapult this thrust into frontier territory.
After V.D.B. I’m going to take a day or two and go visit ray "liddle middle" boy in Lenox, Mass. He’s in such a conscious state of adolescent death and rebirth right now that I want to look with him again, now, at Dog Star Man and Window Water Baby Moving, so I’ll take them plus some songs -maybe "eyes" and Deus Ex, I don’t know. His schools been looking at Brakhage of late so it all fits.
Love to thee and take care.
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