Letter from Sally Dixon to Standish Lawder (10/14/1971)

October 14, 1971 Stan Lawder
Department of the History of Art Tale University Box 2009 56 High Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06520 Dear Stan:
Thank you for your note. Yea, I’m really looking forward to James Broughton and trust you can find funds for Quick Billy and Bruce in January. I hope he’ll stay here a week or so at least if the end of January is any better for you. We can surely find a home for him till then if he’s willing, and he can work at our workshop on whatever, maybe teach a workshop and pick up some extra cash. I'll suggest it to him anyway.
Do let me know about Bob Nelson, I'd planned on him for May or April anyway and would like to finish the year with him (we don’t go beyond the end of April - 1st of May with our Independent Film Makers Series.)
I’ll be back to you about a Lawder show! as soon as I get my budget worked out. I’m in the midst, I fear, of being cut back two film makers a year and am not sure how many I can program for the Spring. I should know within the month or mid November at the latest.
My best to you Stan Lawder!
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Film Coordinator
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