Letter from Sally Dixon to Ernie Gehr (02/26/1975)

February 26, 1975
Ernie Gehr
c/o Film Makers' Cooperative 175 Lexington Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016
Dear Ernie:
What a dear and lovely thing that you remembered the music - I am grateful! I haven't heard it yet, but shall as soon as I can combine free time and a tape recorder.
Ernie, let me thank you officially and personally for your visit. It was a thorough, complete joy! Your films are strong and exquisite, and I am just delighted to have taken the opportunity finally to see them and share them and you with our audience.
It's a pleasure to know you, Ernie, Stop off in Pittsburgh in your comings and goings.
My warmest greetings,
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
SFD: jr

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