Letter from Sam Choi to Anthony McCall (11/5/1975)

Anthony McCall 114 W. 29th Street New York, N.Y. 10001
November 5, 1975
Dear Anthony,
We are happy t0 tell you that we have finally duplicated your taped dicussion of 9/9/75. The duplicating went very well with very little "drop out". The only concerns are the fact that soma of the audio parts are not. too clear. It seems that I maybe should not have hand held the microphone, in any case even though at, times you can not hear the questions your answers are quite clear, and the topic can indicate the type of question. The delay was caused because we do not have the right equipment for duplicating.
So Anthony, I hope you enjoy the tape and that it will be useful. You will receive in a couple days, and you will probably have to go to the post office to obtain it. £0 if a notice from the post office comes its probably our tape.
Best wishes with whatever you are doing, Bill says hello, and Tell Carolee that I will TRY to in all cases to remember the double N in her name.
Hope to see you soon,
Sam Choi
Curatorial Assistant Film Section
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