Letter from Sally Dixon to Jonas Mekas (4/8/1970)

April 8, 1970
Mr* Jonas Mekas
Anthology Cinema 425 Lafayette Street New York, New York
Dear Jonas:
No thanks could be adequate for the two nights and a day spent on your Pittsburgh venture — it was a grueling way to do it, at those hours, and we are just most endlessly grateful that you undertook to do it.
We have had such positive repercussions as a result of your being here.
I think we may be able to get funds to start a workshop-coop in the base-ment of the building. But best of all was the understanding you gave to Pittsburgh of underground films, and the chance to see your Diaries —-they were lyrical, light filled moments - I loved them, and meantto think that we had three reels here and only saw two!
Jonas, thank you, thank you from the bottom of Pittsburgh’s heart.
I trust you’ve recovered — have a beautiful spring and best to you.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon Coordinator of Films
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