Letter from Bill Judson to Larry Gottheim (1/26/1976)

January 26, 1976
Mr. Larry Gottheim R.8. 2
Binghamton, N.Y. 13903
Dear Larry,
Thanks for your note. I sincerely hope the economic "gun platform" (October) doesn't find, in the next shot, your department in the trenches.
We have shot our budgetary wad for this year, packing everything in before April 1 to take advantage of a grant and of the presence of the students. We're working on next Fall. I'll call Haller today, however, and I hope something can be worked out, as I would enjoy having you visit Pittsburgh again.
Shall I also list your tour in the Travel Sheet, to see if that generates more engagements?
Best regards,
Bill Judson
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