Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (2/10/1975)

Dear Sally,
Here is a present for you...as lang syne aforementioned. It's only fair you should have the somewhat grisly object, since it couldn’t have been made without your gracious intervention and greasy palms.
It is, of course, blatantly evil of you not to have been in touch with me. I'll just assume you’re outrageously busy.
Unearthed a copy of Ovid's Fasti, which is a calendrical peom he wrote in exile on the Black Sea. There are names for the various holidays. The roman one for the Winter solstice,, or, rather, for its proper celebration, is Sol Invictust The Feast of the Unconquered Sun. Thus (and much more) P. Ovidius, called by his contemporaries "The Nose".
I gotta new little movie, it's called PAS DE TROIS. 2 minutes.
Exotic dancers and then some.
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