Letter from Sally Dixon to Standish Lawder (2/3/1975)

February 3, 1975
Standish D. Lawder Department of History of Art Yale University Box 2009
New Haven, Connecticut 06520 Dear Stan:
We would like to invite you to come to Pittsburgh for a screening and discussion of your work on Wednesday, April 9th (1975!)•
As you may know we pay a $500.00 honorarium out of which must come your travel expenses and logging, though I’m sure in the latter case that the Judsons would love to have you stay with them, or I, if they are unable.
If you are interested and able we will need material for a poster (stills and a photograph of you) and publicity/program notes (include biographical as well as reviews, critical writing, etc.), and a list of the films you would like to show (1 to 2 hours) with dates. The sooner you can get this off to us, the more time we will have to work on its Our spring schedule goes to print in another week, so the list of films you would show could be included if you could get at least that information to us.
I hope this will be possible for you, Stan. I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to Pittsburgh.
Sally F. Dixon Curator, Film Section
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