Letter from Sally Dixon to Hollis Frampton (11/6/1970)

Museum of Art
Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 (412) 621-7300
There was a young toff called Hollis
Who was outrageous worser than Wallace
When it came to the movies, his films they were doosies
And screwed up the eyes of allus.
November 6, 1970 Dear Wrath of God:
Moses - that’s it! Thinkoon it Hollis - on considering you as a Wrath (invited or otherwise) it strikes me that that’s where I’ve seen your Old Testament face - Sistine Chaple - we could do an outrageous poster, superinposing your incredible head and Zorns Lemma in place of the Tablets? - Poor taste nonsense! Courage Hollis, it’s going to be fun. The 21s is splended, and J&L is planning a spactacular for you the afternoon and on of the 22.
You must work in the morning however and earn your afternoon play. For the informal morning session I suggest you bring whichever films you feel most significantly got you where you are NOW. (that of course might well be everything, unless like most of the rest of us you have a turnip or two stewing in its own juice). Simply be selective and choose in terms of half to 3/4 hour of actual film time.
NINE new films in the oven - prodigious! Brothers and sisters for Zorn & Co. -be kind to Zorn Hollis, resent not - he? is only fulfilling his birthright, yes? It’s your paturnal protective urge surfacing, thats all! Think tenderness.
Hurry on down here honey, the boondocks are going to love you.
etc. etc., yourself!
Leon Anthony Arkus director
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