Letter from Roger Jacoby to Bill Judson (10/20/1983)

Roger Jacoby 1810 15th Avenue Seattle WA 98122 206 324 6754
October 20, 1983
Bill Judson, Director Film Section Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213
Dear Bill,
It's been a while since I've seen you folks in Pittsburgh, but you have been on my mind.
I have had many regrets about my behavior in the past and one that figures strongly in my memory is my treatment of you in '78. The need to apologize is a personal one for me and one which I have literally been wanting to do for several years.
I've mellowed quite a bit over the years through work on my physical and emotional health, and I have learned to adapt better to the order of the world as it is.
Thankyou for the opportunity to apologize though it is late in com ing.
I am also writing to ask you for the new Filmmakers' directory and to also put me on the Travel Sheet mailing list. I think I mailed you a check.
Thanks again for listening...
Roger Jacoby
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