Letter from Sally Dixon to Stan Brakhage (9/3/1971)

September 3, 1971
Stan Brakhage Box 6
Rollinsville, Colorado 00474 Dear, dear souls!
Greetings and great love to each one.
Life is really hectic here so I shall be brief in the interest of haste.
The newspaper is delighted to have you cover the city with them. The editor said yes almost without hesitation when asked as he emerged from the strike negotiations room after getting 7 of the unions to agree to end the strike.
I'm guessing he was in a verynpositive mood and my request floated up in the back wash of all that yesing! Fortunate us! This being of course if they do go back to work, and he felt they would.
You are to call Ralp Brem when you arrive, 3et up a time to meet with him and be briefed on cans and cants. Their big concern of course is that you in no way keep them from getting their story! I told them you were a lovely agreeable fellow who could invisablize himself at will by becoming one with his comera!
The County Coroner won't be back till Tuesday so we won’t know til then whether or not you can film an autopsy. I'll let you know.
Pitt says only one please, at this point, The Prof. is a prima donna (they said!) and may well throw us all out if pushed to far. So I give the coroner to my angels to work on.
I'm working on Chathan to do your whole series of lectures. No decision yet but they don't seem negative.
Please bring a large empty suitcase if you want outgrown byy clothes and some good shirts of mine for which I am too fat - school clothes type, most in very good shape.
Son John limps very little now, seems well recovered thank God. I'm glad it's over.
Mike and I feasted on the pictures he took,there are some beautiful ones you will love. I wish you were all coming - Jan at least - I think of you often and lovingly.
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