Letter from Bill Judson to Mike Kuchar (11/13/1977)

Mike Kuchar
4320 Van Courtland Park East The Bronx, New York 10470
Nov. 13, 1977
Dear Mike:
A hasty note to confirm your invitation to appear here on Tuesday, February 28 (8:00 pm.). The honorarium is $500. There is no additional travel allowance, but you would be most welcome to stay with me while you're here, if you wish.
As we discussed, it might be good to include one (or two?) films from the '60s (TALES OF THE BRONX - ?) and I would be most interested in seeing LIGHT SKETCHES & CYCLES. But I think it would be best to do whatever you think would be most appropriate.
If you have same, would you please send me by mid-January an image (frame enlargement, you, whatever) suitable for use in a poster. I will also need a list of films to be shown (dates, running times, etc.), and any material you might have that would be useful for program notes.
I am pleased you will be able to come, and look forward to the occasion.
Bill Judson
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