Letter from Bill Judson to Jack Smith (5/24/1984)

Section of Film and Video 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 Telephone: 412 622-3212
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
Mr. Jack Smith 21 First Avenue New York, NY 10003
Dear Jack:
Bill Boichel at the Pittsburgh you settled on September 21-22 That works well for us here at
Filmmakers, Inc. tells me that he and for your Pittsburgh presentations, the museum.
Probably the best arrangement would be to do a screening/presentation one night at the museum, perhaps Friday, and then do a screening, presentation, or workshop at PFMI the other night, perhaps Saturday. It would be great if, either here or at PFMI, you would talk about the Sinbad project, with or without costumes, slides, etc., as a part of your presentation.
Our museum presentations generally work best when kept less than 90 minutes, and I would very much like to have FLAMING CREATURES included in that program. The rest of the program here could be a retrospective of early works, or more recent works, or whatever makes sense in terms of the overall activity during the two Pittsburgh presentations. Most visiting filmmakers prefer to do a brief introduction before the screening and field questions afterward, but we can change that format to fit your needs.
The museum will pay you an honorarium of $500. The museum and PFMI will also cover the costs of your transportation NY/PGH/NY, and your room and board while in Pittsburgh. We can mail the plane tickets to you if you wish, and we’ll meet you at the airport when you arrive here.
I will need:
-Your Social Security number (the Controller's Office won't write the check without it).
-Titles, credits, and program note information on the films you wish to show here.
-A black and white glossy of you, or from one of your films, which the local newspapers might use to help promote the event.
-To know whether you want us to get the plane tickets and mail them to you.
I'll call sometime in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I hope all is going well for you. We're looking forward to your events here!
Bill Judson
Curator of Film and Video
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