Letter from Sally Dixon to Cyril Wecht (9/29/1971)

September 29, 1971
Dr. Cyril Wecht, Coroner
542 4th Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219
Dear Dr. Wecht:
This is to thank you and your staff very much for the generous help and cooperation you gave to Stan Brakhage while he was in Pittsburgh shooting film.
He feels that he has gotten some very fine footage and was especially elated over the last day of shooting, which he said was like watching an artist at work rather than a craftsman, revealing the rhythm and economy of your motions, and sensitivity in response to your subject matter. He came away inspired and with great respect for a scene he had previously (like most of us) held in great dread. I trust he’ll be able to translate this footage into terms that will enable more of us to deal, if not creatively, at least more objectively with this aspect of our society.
I'll let you know when we have the film, so that you can see it. Again my warmest thanks for your openness and cooperation in this project.
Most sincerely,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.) Film Coordinator
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