Letter from Joel Singer to Bill Judson (1987-1988)

Joel Singer P.0. Box 183 Mill Valley CA 94942
(415)824-3452 Dear Bill,
Greetings from the Western shore, I hope this finds you healthy and thriving. We are currently working on a new film that we'll have finished in time for James' Diamond Jubilee! He*ll be 75 in November of '88, Are you in any position to arrange a retrospective event for the fall of '88? We're trying to organize a tour and as far as I can remember it will have been 11 years since James and I showed work at the Carnegie, What I have been proposing to various museums is one program covering his five decades ie, one film per decade including the new work 'Scattered Remains' which will surely be James' last film. Or, as we did in Europe two years ago, a major retrospective which would cover some days (probably 5 programs). By the way, we had some wonderful times showing work all over Europe and I had my greatest successes ever in Frankfurt and Vienna, What's your situation there? We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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