Letter from Anthony McCall to Sally Dixon (12/6/1974)

Anthony McCall
114 West 29th Street New York NY 10001. 212.695 6615.
Sally Dixon Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh 15213 December 6 1974
Dear Sally,
I am writing to ask if I might be considered as a possible 'visitor with films' to the Institute.
I enclose a copy of the flyer that went out for my recent November 3rd Film Forum/Collective for Living Cinema programme, that contains descriptions of the four 'solid light' films.
The show lasted a little over 90 minutes.
I have just completed a new film 'In Passing'. It uses two projectors, the beams of which intersect, each beam diagonally bisecting the rectangular space that encloses the set-up. Its full duration is 6 hours: this is not seen as a viewers attention-span, but rather a device that well out-spans such attention, so that people come and go, in much the same way as they visit an exhibition of sculpture: each person brings to the work the concentration of which they are capable, rather than having this prescribed.
Having just completed it after working on it all summer, I am quite excited about it.
In March I shall install this film in a show at the Malmo Konsthall in Sweden, which is titled 'New Media'. If I get that far across the Atlantic, I shall probably get to London again- I hope so- many friends and probably a lot of new work.
Carolee sends her love. Actually her flyer for her Anthology show will probably reach you before this,
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