Letter from Hollis Frampton to Sally Dixon (2/1/1973)

EATON, N.Y. 13334
February 1, 1973
dear Sally,
Herewith is a copy of my text for a thing that is taking place this coming Spring at the Yale Art Gallery. They asked me for a catalog statement // this will, accordingly, bid fair to get me lynched. Nevertheless, it is not without its amusing moments I think. The other recent piece of writing, a bit called EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE: FRAGMENTS OF A TESSERACT, will be coming to you in your March issue of RATFORUM. And that, I swear, is the last miracle of
that sort I star in for at least a year. At least I have vowed that I will write no more criticism during 1973.
Maybe The Good Lion will collect it all, in a slim volume.
What else? I have not, as you will have gathered, yet written to you the question & specific/ation sheet for the computer film. Nevertheless it is coming to you, future tense. It requires two days, probably, of connected, eh, ah, not even connected but just, somehow, thought. Or time to draw some little diagrams, etc. It will be the third (the film in question) of a triptych:
And I will pray to have both the HEXACHORDUM & NATURAL HISTORY ready by the end of next summer. Along with 6 or 8 short lyrics that go, in a somewhat dry fashion, with the three "new" short lyrics that were in my Fall line.
Part of wanting to have done by September about 11/2 hours of new work Exclusive of STRAITS OF MAGELLAN is that the various shorter things will constitute a rather elaborate smokescreen behind which STRAITS can be concealed // so do NOT, under any circumstances, /mention to anyone that I expect to have STRAITS, or any part of it, done by the end of this year. The reason being that I propose to apply to the Gugg/ Foundation, in October, for assistance in amking a work that I will already have accomplished. That way I'll have some scratch together for CLOUDS, can show positive results on the Gugg/ & STRAITS is more likely to be a project they’ll understand than CLOUDS is.
So. What’s new with you? Do let us hear from you soon.
Love. Kiss Chikiris for me, who undoubtedly still thinks I dumped on him dreadfully in November.
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