Letter from Sally Dixon to Jonas Mekas (6/12/1969)

June 12, 1969
Mr. Jonas Mekas Film-Makers Cinematheque 125 West 41st Street New York, New York 10036
Dear Mr. Mekas:
You were the single most helpful person to me in my investigation into the possibility of a film program here in Pittsburgh.
Thank you for taking the time to discuss the situation with me, for offering concrete suggestions such as books and publications to read and making out a tentative program of lecturing film-makers, but mostly for the opportunity to screen new films, to meet and talk with the film-makers and become aware of some of the problems plaguing them (i.e., the preservation of their films).
I hesitate to ask more of you, but I failed to ask for cards from the four men I joined en route to the Sitneys, and I would very much like to have their names and addresses—the one from Brussels, 1 believe, and one from Amsterdam, and the other two I just don't know.
You mentioned that Stan Brakhage was coming in the fall. Can you tell me when, as it would be helpful to coordinate our program to his timing so that he could do both in one trip, if it would be at all possible for him to come here at that time.
Again, my thanks for your more than generous help.
S incerely yours,
Sally F. Dixon
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