Letter from Anthony McCall to Sally Dixon (8/15/1975)

Anthony McCall 437 Springtown Road New Paltz NY 12561 August 15 '75
Sally Dixon
Curator, Film Section
Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Penn 15213
Dear Sally,
Yes, I suppose that I must have misunderstood the dates on the telephone. September 9 however, will be fine, and I would like to accent your invitation to stay at your house.
I am really looking forward to seeing you, and to doing the showing!
The 'Cone' films are being shown this year at the Paris Biennale. I have decided that I must be there, at the first few showings, at any rate, to ensure that they are projected under proper conditions- there have been one or two disasters when I have been unable to be present. Would it be possible to be paid the honorarium whilst I am in Pittsburgh? This would help immensely in my French travel arrangements.
Should I arrive on the morning or afternoon of the 9th, or should I come the day before? Perhaps you would advise me about this.
For now, very best wishes,
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