Letter from Sally Dixon to Peter Kubelka (4/20/1971)

April 20, 1971 Peter Kubelka
Oesterreichisches Film Museum Augustineretrasse 1 1010 Wien, Austria
Dear Peter:
Thank you so much for your quick response to ay letter.
We used Unsere Afrikarise in a program containing a work from each of the Independent Film Makers we have had over the past year and i would say that your film was by far the most popular in the batch. It is very beautiful Peter. I really enjoyed seeing it again myself.
Stan came in February as you may know, and shotta film on hospitals. It was a great and harrowing experience. The film is done now according to last weeks letter, and we will have a print within a month. He says, "...it’s BEAUTIFUL... already clearly a major wirk, MUCH better than "eyes": if it, holds up for many
viewings, it is one of the very best films ever given to me to make." Mike and I can hardly wait to see it - Mike went with him each day and was mid wife, nurse, encourager etc. It includes a premature infant, open heart surgery etc., strong stuff!
I gave Mike your regards and he was so pleased that you thought of him. He sends you his in return and says to tell you that photos will soon be on the way.
It seems there is no more money for any more than is now done on the design for the new building - or so I am told. I don't feel I really know the truth of it so I am doing a little research on the side - inquiries etc. It seems increasingly important that we not build obsolete features into our new building. Such waste, and limitation of potential use!
Peter, have a lovely spring and summer. I shall look forward to hearing how your new film goes and to talking with you when you return to the U.S.
My very best to you,
Sally F. Dixon (Mrs.)
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