Letter from Sally Dixon to Hollis Frampton (7/9/1971)

July 9, 1971
Hollis Frampton River Road - RD #2 Hamilton, N.Y. 13346
Hollis dear Hollis:
Just talked to University of Pittsburgh and they say they have bodies for you! MY GOD! My stomach (or whatever it is) went into immediate and fearsome revolt and is crouched on the edge of my throat!
They say that they are yours, to the extent that they want to know when you will come and they will schedule the dissection around you, to guarantee lots of activity? (my god))
Hollis - it SCARES me silly. (for lack of more adequate verbiage at the moment and unwillingness to give it more time!) but also strikes me as a fantastic opportunity. It is through the medical school that we have gotten permission.
So, let me know when. You can stay at my house or Mikes if you want which which will save you lodging money.
I’m trying at the moment to get Chatham College to invite you as one of their guest/resident for a few days, speakers, which would give you a bundle of money, an apartment of your own, lots of food for which in return they said you must make yourself available to the girls on an informal basis when not filming. I said I thought you’d like that!
Write me yer thots - I wish you what you need, and a lovely August.
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