Letter from Sally Dixon to Peter Kubelka (11/24/1970)

November 24, 1970
Mr. Peter Kubelka 5th Avenue Hotel 5th and 9th New York, N.Y.
Leon Arkus sent this up the other day, I forward it to you, so you will be armed with what has gone before.
Also I talked with the Scaifes, sent them material on the cimena, and suggested the desirability of having you work with the architect, pointing out strongly that now that the Anthology Film Archives theater exists, anything short of it would not only be obsolete but a large step back. They can’t go to the opening but promised to come when next in New York.
I shall follow this up with a personal report, coupled with urging, on my return, my very best to you,
Sally F. Dixon
Dear Peter:
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