Letter from Sally Dixon to Stan Brakhage (12/30/1970)

December 30, 1970
Stan Brakhage Box 6
Rollinsville, Colorado 80474 Dear Stan:
What was finally so beautiful about the conversation was the demonstration of truely successful dialog - that is two minds / hearts coming together for
the purpose of arriving at an undefined third place / solution - and getting there! Really independently - dependent, (your mind - my mind).
Your letter confirmed the arrival point also for me. And I’m so glad you clarified the part of the conversation dealing with buying the to-be-made-in Pittsburgh film. It’s the only part that seemed to spring from an altogether different motivation and was jarring and confusing to me. I think I articulated this feeling but I can’t remember. Dear soul, don’t be ashamed of needing or finding diverse ways of getting money - you need it! We all do. Just be clear about your motives, which you finally are and are usually, as you say, if not immediately then eventually.
I am forever thankful to you for the oppertunity to talk this out with your head full of experience, sensitivity and judgement and especially the imperative to BUY film. It all is sound and rings true to my own beliefs and experience with creating - so, I shall buy films!
I’ll have at least a first draft of the proposal ready when you come in February and you will go over it with me - yes? I (Thank you thank you she said sweetly)
Now, who do I buy your films from so that you can come in February - YOU? Please give me a price list how much is Dog Star Man? Sirius Remembered, Weir Falcon Saga, Scenes from Under Childhood, Machine of Eden, Animals of Eden and After, Eyes, etc. All, if you have such a list so I can know exactly what I’m dealing with.
Stan, did I tell you (I didn’t) that in talking with Jerome Hill he said he was writing his article on Eyes from having seen it only once, which is atrocious, so instead of sending it straight to Leslie, I sent it to him which was terribly presumptious of me, and I’m worrying about it a lot and feeling guilty (now you get mine!) for not asking you first - however I did it, it's done. He promised to get it to Leslie as soon as he was through. I rationalized that you couldn't possibly want a critical article done on such underexposure, however the two of us arrived at that conclusion very quickly and easily and should certainly have called you first. I apologize, forgive me please.
Are you well by now? and Jane and the children. My son John says Denver has lovely snow on which the sky sits nightly in a bright, light incredible way -he’s enchanted.
I wish good things for your eyes and hearts and minds this year, and love.
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