Letter from Stan Brakhage to Sally Dixon (9/8/1970)

Sept. 8, 1970
Dear Sally Dixon,
I just called the travel bureau and got the round trip Denver/Pittsburgh, coach air-fare price quoted: $180. : plus it costs me about $10.00 going-to
and coming-from Denver: thus that makes it a total of $190.00, assuming someone
will meet and deliver me at the Pittsburgh end. I think I wrote I'll be arriving Sept 22nd on United #484 at 2:09.

I would appreciate if you could give me the travel expenses check seperately, as I have to go on from Pittsburgh to N. Y.: I'll be a little short of cash; but I don’t wont to have to cash the whole lecture-fee check en route.
Thankyou: looking forward to world premiere of these three new films —
to get them happily out of hair into the eyes and knowing of the world . . .
via this mysterious city Pittsburgh I've heard/seen so much about but never been able to visit: (did you know that I was once director of a commercial film glor-
ifying the NEW beauties of Pittsburgh?: I don't know what they finally called the film: it about 45 min. long: I was director of final editing and all
attendant special effects, working under the pseudonym of "James Stanley" and bringing in the efforts of Stan Vanderbeek, Weegee, and Gene Smith: the film
was made about 12 years ago by the film company called "On Film").
Anyway, see you soon.
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