Letter from Carolee Schneemann to Sally Dixon (05/17/1973)

17 May 1973
Sally Dixon Film Section
Museum of Art Carnegie Institute 4400 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dear Sally Dixon:
I just passed you on the train to & from the Art Institute in Chicago!
I’m very interested in doing a screening and workshop project for Carnegie. Since my return from 3 yrs in Lonzen February, I’v been going to various Universities, Colleges doing a one-shot film/lecture/discussion series.
Each situation has been so full,compacted, intensive— issues spinning, a sense of immediate consequence, particularly among the women — that I’m keen to make some practical application of/with these energies. To have a time shape with which to work with the students. Your program could realize the idea of making a unitary mix with the students various concerns — sharpening a personal & cooperative venture among them.
The enclosed teaching notes indicate some we would consider. "Acts of Perception" would be directed towards filmic experience.
I wish I could simply mail you a package of my films but while Fuses is available from the Film Co-op in NY, the others exist in unique prints only — due to financial constraints! (I hope to sell a sculpture Oldenburg gave me and then will make prints.) I’m editing old footage now of Carl Ruggles and shooting in 8mm.
A film about Nature Working: pruning, planting, insects, worms, vines, weeds, flowers, water, vegetables.
Can our plans wait until I have the films printed? Will you come to NY and then we could screen the existing prints?
the elements
O’Grady had me going from 8am to 10pm; one class after another & then a 3hr screening (films/tapes/slides), questions & "answers" in the main auditorium.......
With good wishes,
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